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What is Tellomind?

Tellomind is a tool designed to help teams solve problems efficiently. The ultimate goal is to identify possible solutions for a problem and eventually reach consensus about which solutions are best to tackle the problem.

Online Affinity Diagram Process

Tellomind is based on the Affinity Diagram Process (also known as Affinity Chart or KJ-Technique). During this process a group of people gets together to address a challenge or task with the intention to identify and structure ideas and solutions. The process involves several consecutive steps. Tellomind offers you a digital platform to enable remote Affinity processes.

Tellomind Session Phases

Idea Phase

Each participant writes down ideas for the given problem on its own.

Group Phase

Participants group ideas together if applicable.
Idea 2
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Idea 3
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Idea 1
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Idea 4
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Voting Phase

Participants vote for ideas or groups. You can either choose a binary (like/dislike) or scale voting system.

Results Phase

A list of all ideas or groups and their scores.